Every day we offer an astonishing array of Salads (about 20), our Legendary Love Sandwiches and a Selection of Treats (the perfect sweet bite to finish it all off!)

We also do simple (just-to-meet-your-need) breakfasts – often a lovely time to be in The Kitchen if you want to avoid the crazy rush!


Eat In

Lunch Plate with a Selection of 5 Salads     R70

Take Out

Regular Lunch Box with a Selection of 5 Salads    R70

Small Lunch Box with a Selection of 4 Salads        R50


Grilled Chicken                      R22

Honey Mustard Sausages                     R15

Gammon, Bacon                       R18

Our Corned Beef, Pastrami            R18

Falafel, Burghlers                 R7

Other daily specials, usually        R20

Extra Avo, Feta, Aubergine


Creamy Dreamy Eggs       R45

The Appleteria            R35

Yoghurt, Apple, Our own Granola, Almonds, Dates, Cinnamon, Honey

French Toast             R40

K’s Anchovy Toast          R45

K’s Avo Toast            R45

Bananas in Pyjamas       R35

Sourdough or Rye, Creamed Cheese, Bananas, Honey, Gomashio

Granola, Yoghurt, Fruit Salad             R45

Extra Bacon, Poached Egg              R18

Extra Avo, Danish Feta, Aubergine       R8



Made on an artisanal roll from Woodstock Bakery

Comes standard with our signature pesto’s, salad and Love Potion

Grilled Chicken, Gammon, Honey Mustard Sausage, Melanzane, Pastrami, Burghler or Falafel, Bacon & Avo

The Architecture of the Love Sandwich read more


TREATS        R6 – R8

World Peace Brownies

Lemon Squares

Prosperity Bars


Ginger Fudge Squares

Almond Tarts

Real Gingerbread

A host of different Cakes